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The Glue That Holds It All Together

May 7, 2012

I often marvel at the good work done by so many community organizations, even in times when resources, financial and otherwise, are stretched to the max. These organizations are the glue that hold our society together and they rely, in many ways, on the good works of another group…..volunteers.

Those magical words “How can I help?” can start a whole chain of events that lead to a stronger, better, more resilient community.

And so it was, on Monday April 16th, the Town of Caledon recognized the significant contributions of people like Barry Watkins (pictured here with his wife Judy), Richard Hunt, Dorothy Mazeau, Barbara Campbell, Diana Hillman, John Giancola, Barb Swail, Ian Armstrong, Joanne Armstrong, Tim Boughen, Barbara Crocker, Donna Davies, Harvey Rutter, Phillip Armstrong, Bryon Wilson, Beryle Kolb, Andre Sequin – over four dozen in total – long-time, dedicated volunteers who had been nominated by their community. 

You make it all work folks, thank you!

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